HeatFluxAnalyzer Web

This is the web front end to Lake HeatFluxAnalyzer, a tool that allows users to calculate derived heat flux information for lakes.

Note: We will be ending the support of the web versions of LakeAnalyzer and HeatFluxAnalyzer on June 30th.
Only the R Version will be supported past June 30th.
There are ongoign discussions of an R translation of HeatFluxAnalyzer, please contact Luke <lawinslow@gmail.com> if you would like to be involved or have questions.

Code and Other versions

The HeatFluxAnalyzer Matlab code is availble on github.

If used, please cite

Woolway, RI, ID Jones, DP Hamilton, SC Maberly, K Muraoka, JS Read, RL Smyth, and LA Winslow. 2015. Automated calculation of surface energy fluxes with high-frequency lake buoy data. Environmental Modelling & Software 70: 191–198.


Additional information can be found in the User Manual.

Web Submit

Please zip up your input files and upload them to run. An input example set is provided to help you create input of your own.

Input files (zipped):

Input file format

The input files need to be in the format as described below.